Shingles Duration – What to Expect And How to Reduce

Shingles Duration

When suffering from Shingles, you will most likely experience burning, painful sensations, and itchy blisters on a specific region of the body similar to those of Chicken Pox.

The reason why Shingles is similar to the Chicken Pox is because they are the same virus.  The Shingles duration can last anywhere from about 7 days up until a month.

Luckily, there are many methods and strategies that you can use to reduce the Shingles duration and get yourself out of pain.  The most common symptoms of Shingles are the itchy, painful rash of blisters, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, loss of appetite, and many more.

To reduce the duration of Shingles, you want to make sure you take action on getting rid of the rash as soon as it appears.  Usually, before the rash you will notice a tingling or painful sensation in a specific region of your body.  It can be on your back, trunk, side, stomach, or even face.  Soon after, the rash will appear.

While there are medications to help alleviate the symptoms and pain, natural remedies and treatments are the most safe and can be just as effective in reducing the Shingles duration.  There are even ways to reduce this duration in less than 3 days within many people.

For example, to alleviate the pain, you can use an ice pack or cold compress.  This will numb the blisters and make you feel much better throughout the day.  You can also use bathing procedures and remedies to get rid of the itchiness, burning and pain.  Lemon is a fantastic treatment for Shingles and is considered one of the best amongst the herbal treatments available to reduce the Shingles duration.  You can use this by drinking a lemon balm tea or applying balm that has lemon on it directly to the affected area.  It will help boost your immune system as well, which is one of the primary causes of Shingles (a weakened immune system).

Another effective way to reduce the Shingles duration is to get plenty of rest.  As mentioned earlier, a weakened immune system or stress is the primary cause of Shingles.  By taking time off, resting and getting plenty of sleep, you will be aiding your immune system in recovery.  You can also of course use specific supplements such as Vitamin C to help boost the immune system.  You will want to look into a good Shingles diet too.

To successfully reduce your Shingles duration you want to primarily focus on relaxing and spend time using specific remedies and treatments that are safe and natural.  There are many available that have been proven to work.  If you are currently taking medication, you can use these natural remedies to speed up the process as well.  You want to do as much as you can.

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