The Most Common Causes Of Shingles

What are the most common causes of Shingles?

First of all, Shingles (herpes zoster virus) is due to the dormant Chicken Pox (varicella virus) that has been lingering around in one's body since they experienced the Chicken Pox at an earlier stage of life.

The Varicella Virus never actually leaves the system and attaches itself onto cells of the body.  One of the main causes of Shingles is when the immune system becomes compromised and weakened, thus the Varicella Virus becomes re-activated and becomes Shingles.  When this happens, you will experience an array of symptoms.

First, you will notice a tingling sensation in a specific region of the body.  This is due to the nerve area which has been affected and the virus has travelled to.  After that, you will soon most likely be in pain and then the rash will appear.

As you can see from the picture here, the rash has broken out in the side of this persons body.  The most common areas for Shingles are the side, back, stomach, and sometimes on the face in more severe cases.

The rash can be quite severe, and you'll most likely feel sharp pain-like sensations, itching and burning.  Other common Shingles symptoms are the flu and fatigue.

One of the other well-known causes of Shingles is due to stress.  When someone is experiencing extreme stress or trauma, the immune system becomes suppressed.  It could be due to a recent death in your family, or finding out you have a more serious condition.

When the immune system becomes suppressed, you become susceptible to disease – and especially the Varicella Virus becoming re-activated again.

People that get Shingles are usually older – age 50 and up.  But, younger people can get it as well.

How long does Shingles last?

Well, it depends on the individual.  Sometimes it can be a week, and other times up to a month or longer.  If you have a very severe case, you want to make sure that you visit your doctor and ask for advice.  There are many medications available as a Shingles treatment, as well as natural remedies and treatments available through this website.

These causes of Shingles can be prevented.  You want to make sure that your immune system is strong through a healthy diet and regular exercise.  Make sure you're getting plenty of rest.  Meditation and yoga are great practices to deal with and reduce stress from your life.

If you do not strengthen your immune system and take the necessary steps, you become susceptible to getting Shingles again and again.  Many people have a reoccurring condition that carries on for years.  You don't want this to happen to you!

So, the best precaution you can take is to do your best to avoid these causes of Shingles.

Like I said earlier, there are plenty of treatment options available.  You can use natural methods, such as an ice pack to numb the pain.  There are herbal teas that will help strengthen the immune system, supplements and vitamins you can take, along with a good diet plan specifically designed for Shingles sufferers.

You want to keep your skin in the best condition possible.  Keep it clean and healthy.

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